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During the union of England with Scotland in 1707, the Scottish people could now have access to the East India Company.
So they came in droves as soldiers, priest, educators, missionaries, clerks and other company officials working for the East India Company to India.

When they reached the hills of Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu, southern India, the vast verdant countryside, rolling green mountain scapes, cool climes reminded them of their homeland which they had left far away.

So they populated and made Ootacamund (Ooty) as their "Scotland of the East". In the nook and corners of the Nilgiris you can find many forgotten graves of these Scottish frontiersmen even today. The missionary schools, the catholic church, co-operative movements established by them are littered in that region.

If you want to buy such a quaint little Scottish cottage for yourself as your holiday homes or second, weekend getaway homes in the Nilgiris, we have a beautiful cottage in Ooty.