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By: vinod07 | June 26, 2016

Infrastructure is the key to the growth of real estate - and the cornerstone of infrastructure is roads. Even a cursory glance through history would show that the Roman Empire built stone roads throughout Europe & Northern Africa to help its armies horse-driven carriages ride faster. At its height there was a saying that “All roads lead to Rome”. And ever since, development of roads has emerged as the master key to unlock the value of the real estate market.

Many property buyers cite an area’s excellent road network as the reason for their choosing the locale. But have we thought how it actually works? Is there any ‘co-relation’ between better roads and higher real estate values?

Today it is safer to say that real estate development ...

By: vinod07 | June 12, 2016

Start-up office space
Start-up office space

For an organization sometimes growing up too fast also comes with its own share of problems.

Should you stay in your current small office or take up a bigger office space? Is it the right time to go for a bigger office space?

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, why should an organization put in capital investment in an office space, which they are not going to use immediately or in the near future?

The answer lies in whether they are currently getting the most out of their present office space and on whether they should wait for an opportune time to invest in a better location and office.


1. Office design

Gone are the days of large and bulky traditional wooden office furniture. Nowadays, the interior decorators/architects o...

By: vinod07 | June 02, 2016

Office Space
Office Space

The mere thought of looking for office space seems formidable for any company, and so one keeps postponing it until the last moment.

When and from where do you begin, what are the factors that go into deciding a perfect new office set-up for your company?  Is it the right time to start looking when you’ve out-grown your present premises? Is your new office going to be more expensive than the current one which you’re using? Should you do it on your own and start calling on the numbers listed on those buildings advertising commercial space to rent or maybe engage the services of an office space consultant?

The list of goes on and on - but doesn't have to. There are certain rules to follow:-

1.  How much space do I need?

Calculate the space ...

By: vinod07 | May 18, 2016

Office space
Office space

With a cumulative total office stock of 96 million sq ft (grade-A) space and vacancy rates of 4 – 5 %, Bengaluru is looking at a shortfall in office space supply.
Demand for the current year would be around 10 million sq ft but supply coming up would be 8 – 8.5 million sq ft, said Anuj Puri, chairman & country head, Jones La Lasange India.
"In 2015, 14-15 million sq ft of space was leased out, (including pre-leased space) while the completion of office space was 7.2 million sq ft and with the trend of leasing remaining strong, there is a strong likelihood of shortfall in the office supply.

Bengaluru has always seen a well-matched demand-supply ratio every year with the absorption generally matching the supply position.
But, in the ...

By: vinod07 | April 05, 2016

The Telangana government would identify suitable land parcels for setting up new IT clusters under the ITIR scheme and also encourage the expansion of existing IT/ITES units.

The government shall encourage IT/ITES companies to consider Tier II locations for setting up BPO centres that will enable them to reduce their operational costs significantly. The government shall also provide exclusive incentives for the first few anchor clients.

A separate critical infrastructure fund will be kept at the disposal of ITE&C department to support IT Parks. For the benefit of SMEs - the government will construct dedicated towers but also creating a financial vehicle that will help them thrive.

Rebate on land cost for IT investments linked to number of ...