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By: vinod07 | June 12, 2016

Start-up office space
Start-up office space

For an organization sometimes growing up too fast also comes with its own share of problems.

Should you stay in your current small office or take up a bigger office space? Is it the right time to go for a bigger office space?

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, why should an organization put in capital investment in an office space, which they are not going to use immediately or in the near future?

The answer lies in whether they are currently getting the most out of their present office space and on whether they should wait for an opportune time to invest in a better location and office.


1. Office design

Gone are the days of large and bulky traditional wooden office furniture. Nowadays, the interior decorators/architects offer open plan, light, modular workstations which can be easily installed or dismantled as per the functional work requirement.

There are open office layouts, where one can comfortably put in many more people in the same square footage of area. It also helps in increasing the collaboration among the different teams.

Keeping people working in close proximity actually increases their productivity levels as it also facilitates sharing of ideas and collaboration between teams.

 2. Open office or private cabins

One of the most common criticisms of the open office design is its lack of privacy. How to take care of the back-ground noise, do we install noise-masking speakers or ask people to use head-sets? A separate meeting room can be designated as a space for private meetings or personal phone calls.

We can ration out the time allotted to individuals or small teams for their private access to these meeting rooms.


3. Going remote

If you feel your present office space is cramped, you can think of asking some of your employees to go remote and work from home, again it all depends upon their roles in the organization.

Salespeople in the organization who are client facing or those field staff who are out pounding the pavement, don’t need a permanent office desk.

They can be given options like remote working, working from home or hot-desking. Putting teams on shift or rotation can also be an option, if a team is handling say a voice process from US from India, when they can use the night-shift of the same office premises.

When is it the right time to move into a larger office space?

Getting the most out of your office space is a question of deciding what the role of the employee/team is, the shift times when they need to be in the office and also upon whether the top management really need separate private cabins.


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